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Banco Agrícola

Integrations and automation: a successful strategy for Bancoagrícola

Since 2019 we have been working with Bancoagrícola de El Salvador, one of the banks that are part of the Bancolombia Group, being S1 their own digital platform supplier.

In search of digital self-management

The first service we provided was the implementation of a bot in their webchat that had a main menu with 4 options and other submenus. This customer service flow was replicated in WhatsApp, with a greater variety of options for customers: they can consult all the bank products, from credit or debit cards, to time deposits and account types.

The attention through the webchat channel has a particularity, and that is that the bot has carousels of images and visual details that make it more attractive and facilitate interaction with the customer. This served as an example to achieve something similar in Whatsapp, implementing design in the information shared with users of the service.

The next improvement in the Whatsapp channel was to include geolocation of service points, including not only bank branches, but also agencies, kiosks and correspondents: when the user shares his location through the application, the bot identifies nearby service points and provides information on distance, and the link to Google Maps.

On WhatsApp, the number of cases handled in one year tripled: 56,671 cases handled during 2021 and 162,676 handled in 2022. The frequent use of this channel by customers made it possible to conduct a study to understand what information they needed most frequently and eliminate the least consulted options, improving the efficiency of this customer service.


The constant optimization of the operation of Whatsapp led to the fact that today, from S1 we are working to replicate the model in Messenger. In addition, based on the webchat and Whatsapp experience, we are looking to implement a bot for end customers.

This improvement in the service will allow balance inquiries, credit and card applications, as well as answers to frequently asked questions and geolocation of branches with information on their location and opening hours. In addition, the service will be extended to SME customers.
The synergy between S1 and Bancoagrícola is what enabled that, with integrations that optimize and streamline customer service, more and more queries are received through digital channels.



cases handled in 2022 vs. 53,671 in 2021


of messages understood by the bot in 2022


89,23% service level agreement (SLA) satisfaction rate



Abandonment rate: 0.03% out of 221,000 cases, 56 were abandoned.


97.12% handled during 2022