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O2 serves their clients faster and with more efficiency by integrating their MyO2 App to the S1 Platform

With the S1 Platform, O2 centralizes the customer care operation of more than 290 live staff including frontline agents, management & support staff – enabling them with a solution to provide immediate and contextualized responses to their clients.

O2 is one of the largest companies in the United Kingdom. Owned by Liberty Global and Telefónica S.A., it offers one of the most reliable mobile networks in their market and has more than 47 million connections between broadband, cellular, television and residential telephony.

In 2017 the company was looking for a new solution to manage all the conversations with their customers in their MyO2 app, as the existing tool was not meeting the required functionalities. O2 had years of experience managing interactions through MyO2, which meant that we had to adapt and customize our platform to their customer service model, with very specific customizations of our platform.

Scalable technology and custom features

The first goal of O2 was to have a platform that offers a wide range of functionality including the aim of Asynchronous messaging & to be developed on scalable & flexible technology.. Complying with their first main objective allowed us to help them achieve the second imperative : be able to generate functionalities aligned to a very specific set of business rules for the O2 operation. . Not only the configuration of workflows, but also the integration of complete new modules that would allow O2 to attain their customer service and customer relationship OKR´s.

First, due to GDPR requirements, it was necessary for the infrastructure to be hosted in Europe. Based on this, all the necessary infrastructure was implemented and hosted in our AWS environment Ireland, maintaining all the functionalities and security levels of the platform that we have worldwide.

S1’s platform was configured to comply with O2’s current operation, customizing various aspects required by the operation. For example, a queue management mechanism (Throttle) was developed in order to maintain the right balance between customers and service teams’ availability. This allows O2 to be always there for their customers.
In addition, since our platform allows a more specific follow-up of each case, their existing satisfaction surveys were migrated to S1. This has the benefit as well of offering a higher level of filtering for the generation of the groups to be surveyed.

By utilizing our Analytics module, O2 also obtained a substantial improvement in their current reporting and measurement of the KPI´s. S1 Analytics enables companies with a set of more than 40 different reports, which allows O2 to access various real-time reports on surveys, case management results, tag clouds, agent performance with more than 20 specific metrics, including full operation tracking.
Finally, in order to comply with the data privacy, requirements, a functionality was developed to mask sensitive data so that it is not visible after the case is solved.
The next steps for this project include the development of automated rules for the elimination of contact data and associated information, optimizing the management of customer information and complying with the aforementioned regulations.


After 4 years of operation, O2 now has 181 agents operating on S1. We have been adding functionalities to our technological stack, which allows O2 to have a permanently evolving solution. The categorization of conversations has been automated, increasing the level of awareness and the possibility of proactive improvements.

The look at the total number of cases and the reasons for interaction can be viewed comprehensively and the information obtained is arranged to assist in decision making.

Regarding service levels, O2 managed to bring its First Call Resolution (FCR) from 30% in 2018 to 58% in 2021, generating an improvement of 95%.
Also, thanks to the more efficient management of the service queue, it was possible to increase the attention of queued cases from 75.32% to 94%, generating a very positive impact on customer satisfaction rates.


All mobile chat was move to S1


+40 Different reports


+20 Specific metrics


95% Attention to queued cases


94% attention to queued cases