Our company was founded by Argentine capital and entrepreneurs: young, modern, led by a group of experts in operations and technology applied to customer contact centers, social networks and web systems development. Before creating S1, we developed our career working in Senior positions with the most important international companies of this industry in the Ibero-American market. Besides, we led projects in different markets and countries, such as:

  • Banking
  • Health care
  • Transport
  • Entertainment
  • Mass consumption
  • Insurance
  • Telecommunications
  • Technology
  • Argentina
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Venezuela
  • Chile
  • Spain
  • UK
  • USA

Through our S1 platform, we currently help these companies to manage their customer service: Claro,, Banco Provincia, Nextel, Eficasia, Emtelco, among others, in Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Brazil. We manage an average of 500.000 daily interactions.

S1 Creatives’ Team

Leonardo Sujoluzky

The evangelizer (the one who sells)

Oscar Torres

Technology (the Pampeano geek)

Marcelo Morales

Customer Service and Support (the one who talks to clients)

Javier Fortin

The voice of experience to accompany our clients

Emanuel Casella

Sales (the other client evangelizer)

Paola Rinaldi

The UX/UI Fairy

Sebastián “Choli” Maciel

The agilist from La Plata

Juan Pablo González

The goalkeeper
who saves penalties

Maite Casco

The one who talks
to our customers

Alex Orozco

The one running Mexico

Marcos Mercuri

The Dev Team geek from La Plata

Horicio Gonzalez

The Support ninja

Cristian Desiderio

The curious mind of the Dev team

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